Extinguishing the Gas Light

Recovery and the journey from gas lighting and abuse. My thoughts, my journey and my life. Hopefully if you are reading this you feel less alone in your journey and the process.

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The start of it…. hmmm

So my solicior has asked me to write a paragraph about the start of the relationship and add any thing you think the court would find rlelevant or need to know about Ok here goes S**t i have reached that point where i no longer describe what we had as love story. Is this reallyContinue reading “The start of it…. hmmm”

Drawing that line

I have very recently had to face the situation of drawing the line in communication and resort to blocking and allowing my solicitor to handle it from here on out. At some point you have to look at the experience and realise that keeping the peace and biting your tongue for the sake of yourContinue reading “Drawing that line”

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